7th AUG '21 - INVERNESS (Canal park)

Connecting Churches to Orphanages around the World through Charity Rides


RIDE 4 HOPE PROJECT helps ordinary people do extraordinary things by participating in a 12K Charity Ride to Support Orphan Children around the World and empowering the National Youth Department in their Missions Work. We exist to be a Bridge between Churches & Passion Driven People to Orphans & Orphanages that truly need our help.

The Statistics are staggering

Every day, orphan children around the world are at risk of survival because of extreme Poverty, Disease, Sex Trafficking, and Child Slave Labour.

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die every year from hunger and a large percent are Orphans.

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are sold across international borders each year.

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are believed to be trapped in some form of Child Labour Slavery.

Orphans around the world need your help! Without adults to speak on their behalf, Orphans are exceptionally vulnerable. Without Adult supervision or proper medical care, orphans fall victim to hunger, disease and ailments, that otherwise could be cured with simple treatments.

FACT: In many areas of the world, Orphanages provide the Best and Last line of defence against these realities in third world countries. But many existing Orphanages are financially struggling.

You can make a Significant Difference in the life of an Orphan! You have the ability with God’s help to rescue and provide a safe, Christian upbringing for Orphan Children. HOW? By taking this simple Challenge… Do a 12K Charity Ride where you invite your friends, co-workers, and relatives to donate to HELP YOU Make a Significant Impact.

Strengthening Orphanages and providing for the needs of Orphans around the World.

how to help

RIDE 4 HOPE SCOTLAND PROJECT is in partnership with two networks that help over 50 Orphanages in 35 Countries around the World. This is facilitated through our relationships with “Serving Orphans Worldwide” and “Church of God World Missions“.

Your financial support goes to help Orphan Children in 35 Countries! Your investment will help orphan children who, without an orphanage, would be at risk of starvation, disease, abuse, or trafficking.

Every £16 donated feeds an Orphan Child for an entire month! Each person in our team is trying to raise money for at least a 1-year supply of food (£200 approx) for an Orphan child, so any amount you can give would be a blessing to Orphans around the World!

Support the riders here!

Energise and Motivate your church to participate in a Kingdom cause.

when, where & What

The Scotland Ride 4 Hope event will be Fun for the whole Family that includes a:
  • 12k Ride
  • Picninc & Music
  • Games for Kids (and adults)

The ride will take place on the 7th of August 2021 – Canal Park, Inverness from 9am

12K Route

Meeting / Starting Point

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world" (James 1:27)


Charity Rides are a great way to add energy and momentum to your Church while participating in the kingdom cause of "Caring for Orphans and Orphanages".

Here are a few of the specific Benefits Your Church can expect:

to support Orphans without drawing from their church budget.

In our current extended season of economic challenges, Ride 4 Hope Scotland Project does not use typical means of supporting mission projects. There are no offerings or pledges. Instead it uses the relational currency of co-workers, neighbours, friends, family, and local businesses to generate donations. By targeting funds outside the Church, it does not take money from a Church’s budget or Missions Budget. All contributions come from outside of the church and donations are done simply and electronically through a secure website.

while empowering participants to do something significant.

Riders and non-riders alike will experience the motivational power of a cause greater than themselves that motivates them to accomplish the goal. They will see first hand how they can impact the world for Christ in a significant way. As they train for the event, participants become a team and develop authentic community as they strive toward the goal of completing the race and raising funds to provide for the specific needs of Orphans. For many of the people who have never done a race, the process is a physical journey to get in better shape as well as a spiritual journey to accomplish something that adds health to their lifestyle. The feeling of accomplishment from starting and completing the journey makes a significant impact on participants and Orphan Children.

to do something for Christ by tapping into their relational network.

Each person uses their God given relationships at work, with neighbours, friends & family members for the pure cause of financially helping Orphans. The money raised helps rescue and provide care for Orphan children. Participants will invite people to support them on this noble quest.

to Church, a worthy missions project & Jesus’ love.

This innovative Charity Ride is a great community outreach tool to gain Church exposure in their community. As participating people from partnering Churches start asking co-workers and friends to get involved, it highlights how their Church is engaged in a worthy cause. Also, participation is not limited to Church members. Participants are encouraged to invite co-workers and friends to ride in the event. It is a great time to develop relationships with people that do not know Jesus and help them understand His love.

volunteerism through contagious, active people.

The riding participants become a part of a team that train together and discover the joy of active participation. Once a person taps into how they can make a significant impact in God’s Kingdom, they want to serve more and gather others to join.

You can make the difference in the life of an orphan child.


There are an increasing amount of Races and Charity Rides people can participate in these days. RIDE 4 HOPE is unique: you help impact the lives of over 6,700 Orphan Children at 45 Orphanages in 35 Countries.

What if I'm a non-rider?

Non-Riders make Great Participants!

The journey is spiritual and physical as you trust God to empower you toward better health while making a global impact. We have a “couch to race” training outline that will help Non-Riders succeed. Also, you would be cycling for a PURE CAUSE (James 1:27). Often we are not motivated enough in and of ourselves… but the cause of helping Orphan Children should.

RIDE 4 HOPE SCOTLAND PROJECT helps ordinary people do EXTRAORDINARY things!


For general information or other enquiries: ride4hope@cogyouthscot.org